Cars have a lot of parts and components to them. You can spend countless hours trying to understand how they work and all of the different pieces that make them up, just to have to do it all over again when the new vehicle models come out. While vehicle parts like the engine and transmission are relatively easy to identify and understand, there are other components that you may have never heard of and have no idea what they do. For example, the ignition lock cylinder is an important safety feature on many different kinds of vehicles. In today’s blog, Tommy’s Locksmith, the best automotive locksmiths in the Bay Area, will go over what an ignition lock cylinder is and how it affects your vehicle.

Ignition Lock Cylinderperson holding vehicle steering wheel

While we may all be incredibly familiar with the ignition of our vehicles, there may still be parts and components that can be new information to us. The ignition lock cylinder for example isn’t a household name when it comes to vehicle parts, so you might not even know that you had one before now. Your vehicle’s ignition lock cylinder is located in the ignition switch of your car, truck, or SUV. It’s a mechanical part where the key is inserted into the ignition switch. Lock cylinders also use electrical components in order to lock the ignition while a key is inserted in order to decipher code or frequency in the key that allows the vehicle to start.

Similar to all other locks, ignition lock cylinders contain pins that move up and down to allow the key to enter as well as turn. Lock cylinders also contain wafer tumblers, which helps the mechanical components to move while also helping to keep the key in the ignition during travel. Over time, these wafer tumblers, and even the pins in the lock cylinder, can become damaged. If the tumblers are damaged enough, you most likely won’t be able to move your key to turn on your vehicle. Worn down wafer tumblers can also cause keys to stick, break, bend, or come out even while the engine is still running.

How We Can Help

While ignition lock cylinders are starting to become less integral with modern vehicles with the rise of remote start, push-to-start, and keyless entry systems, they are quite prevalent in older model vehicles. If the ignition of your vehicle doesn’t seem to be working correctly, or if you’re having problems with sticking, broken, or bent keys, then it may be time for an inspection from your local Bay Area locksmith. Our auto locksmiths can help figure out any problems you might be having with your ignition lock cylinder.

In most cases, our locksmiths will simply have to repair or replace the wafer tumblers and/or pins inside your lock cylinder. However, if an entire ignition lock cylinder has to be replaced, then you’ll need new keys and locks for your entire vehicle, including the locks on the doors, trunk, and glove compartment.

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