Many people probably believe that all locks are created equal. They require a key or a passcode to unlock and, for the most part, can be picked or broken quite easily. High-security locks are in high demand these days, and none-more-so than Mul-T-Lock high-security locking systems. Though not many people may care what their locks do as long as they do their job, it’s great to know that Mul-T-Locks go above and beyond the call of duty to help protect your home and business from those that shouldn’t be entering. In this blog, Tommy’s Locksmith, your Top-Rated Local® locksmith in Richmond, California, will go over a few benefits of installing a Mul-T-Lock in your home or business.

Hard To Pick

Traditional locks have had a history of being easily picked. People have been picking locks for nearly two centuries, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down with instructional videos on websites, like Youtube. What’s the best way to combat intruders who know how to pick locks? Get a Mul-T-Lock for your home or business. Mul-T-Lock deadbolts offer some of the best security around, as they’re forged with super strong materials, like hardened steel and various patented technologies. They’re resistant to picking, prying, and drilling, helping you and your family sleep easily at night knowing that no one will be entering unless they have a key.

Mul-T-Locks meet or exceed even the toughest of industry tests. Where traditional locks can be opened with just a screwdriver, Mul-T-Locks are opened by just one thing: the key. Mul-T-Lock deadbolts use two interlocking ball-bearings which increase the resistance to prying. They’re also one of the most trusted locks of locksmiths everywhere, ensuring that you’ll get year-round protection on all of your locks.

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Resistance To Key Copying

With advancements in modern technology, copying keys has become easier and easier. A simple picture of the key is enough to make a copy, but there are also key copying apps that can do all the work for you. This makes gaining access to your home or business that much easier for crooks and thieves. With Mul-T-Lock residential and commercial locking systems, pictures and apps aren’t enough to make a copy. Mul-T-Lock keys can only be made with a Key Order Card. On top of that Mul-T-Lock keys can only be made by authorized dealers.

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Master Key Upgrade

Tired of having to carry a ring full of keys with you everywhere you go? Mul-T-Lock has the perfect locking system for you then. Not only do they offer the highest quality locks, but they allow you to open several locks with just one key. When you get multiple Mul-T-Locks for your home or business, you’ll be able to make several different locks open with just one key. No more toting around clunky keys; with a Mul-T-Lock locking system, you’ll only need one key to open all of the locks around your property.

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Keep Your Doorknobs

With traditional locks, you’ll usually have to replace the entire door knob when you get a new lock. That means you’ll have to get rid of any decorative door knobs or door handles when you need a new lock. With Mul-T-Lock, you’ll be able to keep your decorative door knob and get some of the best-locking systems around in the process.

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Anatomy Of A Mul T Lock

Because Mul T Locks are more secure and durable than traditional locks, they look a bit different than other lock and key systems. For starters, the key for a Mul T Lock is much different than a traditional key. Where traditional keys stand vertically and have cuts that look like peaks and valleys, Mul T Locks are drastically different. Mul T Locks are flat and lie horizontal. They also don’t have any traditional cuts, making picking and bumping a Mul T Lock extremely hard to do. Instead of the peaks and valleys we’ve become accustomed to on a traditional key, Mul T Locks have grooves and circular dimples that are unique to that specific lock and key. And, as we said before, the only way to duplicate a Mul T Lock is by filling out an order card with a licensed Mul T Lock provider.

The locking mechanisms used with Mul T Locks are also noticeably different than traditional locks. Much like their keys, Mul T Locks are usually horizontal rather than vertical, like most traditional locks are. This makes picking and bumping Mul T Locks that much harder, as normal lock picking tools won’t work the same way. Though there are many different kinds of Mul T Locks, the basic version is a cylindrical mechanism that can replace the lock that already exists in your door. The bolts of Mul T Locks, though not strikingly different than traditional locks, are also unique. They’re tamperproof, so traditional means of forced entry, like screwdrivers and credit cards, won’t work on them.

In essence, Mul T Locks look different because they are different. They offer better security and peace of mind for residents and business owners of all kinds. Contact Tommy’s Locksmith today and see if a Mul T Lock personal locking system is right for your home or business.

All of these reasons and more help make Mul-T-Lock one of the best locking systems on the market today. Ask your local locksmith if you should upgrade your home to a Mul-T-Lock locking system. If you’re looking for locksmith services in Richmond, then Tommy’s Locksmith is ready to help you! Learn more about Tommy’s, see what kind of locksmith services we can provide for you, or contact Tommy’s Locksmith to answer any questions and get a free quote.

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