1. Bay Area Mobile Locksmith

    If you find your self in a need for a locksmith you’re in the right place, at Tommy’s locksmith our top priority is to maintain a high level of customer service and professionalism. Specialising in Residential, Commercial & Automotive locksmithing, our mobile team can help you with all of yo…Read More

  2. Emergency Locksmith Services

    Highly Rated! Top Notch Locksmith! Experienced & Knowledgeable! Being locked out from your apartment or vehicle can be very frustrating. Our excellent and talented Locksmiths team are here for you! We can unlock any locked door for a house, office or any kind of car you may have, usually within…Read More

  3. Mercedes And Other European Vehicles

    Making keys for vehicles is one thing while making a key for Mercedes is something else entirely. European vehicles such as Mercedes, Bmw and Vw are known as high end vehicles. With sophisticated immobilizer system it is not always easy to make a key for these vehicles when all other keys are lost. …Read More

  4. Car Ignition And Door Lock Common Issues

    One of the most common problems in many vehicles is when the key does not turn on the ignition lock, driver's or passenger door locks. It can be seen in many older vehicles, especially in Honda and Toyota and Nissan. This is usually a result of a worn key that over time has worn and damaged the wafe…Read More

  5. Modern Types Of Auto Keys

    Believe it or not, keys have actually changed quite a bit throughout the ages. Car keys especially have had an incredible evolution over the century they’ve been used. No matter what kind of key you’ve used over your driving tenure, it was specifically designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. How…Read More

  6. What Is An Ignition Lock Cylinder

    Cars have a lot of parts and components to them. You can spend countless hours trying to understand how they work and all of the different pieces that make them up, just to have to do it all over again when the new vehicle models come out. While vehicle parts like the engine and transmission are rel…Read More

  7. What Is A Transponder Key

    Modern advancements in technology have allowed us to optimize our vehicles, adding features that enhance drivability, entertainment, safety, and more. Many vehicle manufacturers incorporate things like rearview cameras, lane departure sensors, surround sound stereo systems, artificial intelligence p…Read More

  8. When You Should Rekey Your Locks

    A lot of things can benefit from routine maintenance. Cars, hairdos, gutters, and more can all benefit from regular upkeep to help keep them in tip-top shape. Your locks are no different, and with routine maintenance, you can help your locks as well as your home or company as a whole. Keeping your h…Read More

  9. Car Locksmith Services We Can Do

    Chances are you don’t think about locksmith services until it’s an emergency. Whenever you’re locked out of your home or your car, that’s when you call your locksmith. You never call your local locksmith preemptively to get a spare key, or to just simply say hello. But locksmiths can do much…Read More

  10. The Importance Of Lock Replacement For Companies

    Companies have to do a lot in order to make sure that they stay secured at all times. From security cameras to trained guards, every company needs something to help them stay secure during and after business hours in order to make sure the store and its products are safe. While companies invest a lo…Read More