One of the most common problems in many vehicles is when the key does not turn on the ignition lock, driver’s or passenger door locks. It can be seen in many older vehicles, especially in Honda and Toyota and Nissan. This is usually a result of a worn key that over time has worn and damaged the wafers inside the lock cylinder. Our specialist auto locksmith can help you out –
Usually as long as the cylinder is not damaged we can fix the problem and save the money on the lock, if necessary we can also replace it with a new one. We can also rekey new ignitions / door locks to match original car key so you won’t need to use 2 different keys for door and ignition.

After many years in the field of auto locksmith, we gained a lot of experience on different types of vehicles and models, so it doesn’t matter if you have a 99 Toyota Corolla that the key stopped turning on the door lock or a 2016 Ford Fiesta that someone tried to break in and sabotage the door lock cylinder – WE can solve the problem at a reasonable price and in timely manner.
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