Being locked out of your car, home or office is never a pleasant feeling, but you can always take comfort in the fact that it happens to almost everyone. We at Tommy’s Locksmith understand how frustrating it may be and that’s is why we are ready for this kind of Emergency calls and usually are able to arrive within 30 minutes to let you back inside.

One of the problems that customers encounter when being locked out is calling an inexperienced locksmith that instead of trying to pick the lock and open the door in the professional way without causing any damage to the lock, they would prefer to drill the lock right away and replace it, which would increase the cost of the job. Another thing you should be aware of is the bait and switch. When you call to request an emergency  lockout service always try to get a price range or a flat rate. We know of many cases that people have been overcharged by locksmith companies in the bay area.

Residential And Commercial Lockouts

There are several ways to open a locked door and as a professional locksmith company we will always do our best to open the door without needing to drill the lock. We gain a lot of hands on experience and knowledge using pick tools, bump keys and other locksmith tools that we have in our arsenal in order to unlock your door smoothly and keep the lock in one piece. We can say for a fact that 95% of our emergency lockouts we succeed picking the locks unless it is a high-security lock such as Multi Lock, Medico and similar ones that are almost impossible to unlock by the methods mentioned above.

A lot of houses and offices will usually have a deadbolt and a knob underneath it, with the lock button on the inside. A common mistake is to push / twist the button without paying attention and then closing the door behind you,  and of course there is also a situation where the keys are lost and then both the knob and deadbolt are locked. In most cases unlocking a knob or a handle will be easier than unlocking a deadbolt. In many offices, hotels and new apartment buildings  you can find interconnected locks with a commercial lever, and sometimes there is no room for a key but only a magnetic card or  keypad with a code. Usually in this kind of levers we use a special locksmith tool that goes under the door and pulls the lever from the inside so the door will be unlocked and open quickly and smoothly. We can also cut or pick padlocks for storage units, drill and replace mailbox locks when keys are lost or anything else that involves lockouts.

Emergency Car Lockout

We can open any vehicle safely without causing damage to the door or frame. The most common method on newer cars is to push an airbag between the door and the frame, pump it to create a gap so we can reach with a long tool to the unlock button inside of the car. This process usually takes less than a minute. Another way that usually works on older models is the famous slim jim,  by sliding it into the door itself and pulling on the rod to unlock. On some cars we can pick the door lock with special pick tools same as we do on residential and commercial locks.

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