A lot of things can benefit from routine maintenance. Cars, hairdos, gutters, and more can all benefit from regular upkeep to help keep them in tip-top shape. Your locks are no different, and with routine maintenance, you can help your locks as well as your home or company as a whole. Keeping your home or business safe is always your top priority, and with rekeying services you can do just that. In today’s blog, Tommy’s Locksmith, the best mobile locksmiths in the Bay Area, will give you some tips on when you should have your locks rekeyed.

When You First Move In

Nothing can compare to that first moment when you walk in your new property and begin to set up your new home or business. However, unless your home or business is brand new, having your locks rekeyed is a highly suggested first move from any local locksmith. Rekeying services or lock replacement services will help keep anyone who might have had access to your property in the past out of your home or company, helping to keep it safe and secure.

If You Lose Your Keys

Losing your keys can be a frustrating ordeal, especially if you have a lot of them. However, it can also leave your property open to theft and/or vandalism if you don’t rekey or change your locks. If you lose your keys, one of your first moves should be to rekey or replace the locks on your home or company in order to ensure the safety of everything and everyone on your property.

If Your Locks Are Sticking

Have you ever put your key in your lock, but for some reason it just won’t turn? Old age and/or environmental factors may have taken their toll on your lock, making it nearly impossible to turn. WIth rekeying services from your local locksmith, your locks will get back to perfect working order. However, if your locks are beyond repair, then lock replacement can bring new, state of the art locks to your property.

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