Believe it or not, keys have actually changed quite a bit throughout the ages. Car keys especially have had an incredible evolution over the century they’ve been used. No matter what kind of key you’ve used over your driving tenure, it was specifically designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. However, with modern advancements in technology and safety, traditional auto keys are becoming a thing of the past. In today’s blog, Tommy’s Locksmith, the best automotive locksmiths in the Bay Area, will go over some of the keys and entry devices that most modern vehicles use in today’s technology driven world.

Remote Keys

Back in the day, many cars required numerous keys to operate. One would open the doors and trunk, while another would start the car. After awhile, people got sick of having so many keys to carry around, and eventually technology caught up to the automobile industry which allowed for remote keys to be born. While the first incarnations of these modern marvels were a little bulky, they allowed people to gain entry to their cars with the push of a button. You could also open the trunk, control your alarm, and lock your car all from the outside. Now we can even add remote start functions to our vehicles and keys, allowing us to start our vehicles from a set distance away.

Key Fobs

Similar to remote keys, key fobs took keyless entry to another level. Most function very similarly to remote keys in that you can lock, unlock, and control certain aspects of your vehicle from a number of feet away. However, some modern vehicles don’t even require you to pull the key fob out of your pocket to unlock or, in some models, start your vehicle. Some cars, trucks, and SUVs will have a button or sensor on the outside of your vehicle that will pick up on the low-level signal your key fob gives off. Simply push that button with your key fob on your person and you’ll gain entry to your vehicle. Some vehicle models will even let you start your car by simply sitting in the driver seat with your key fob present and pushing a button or turning a dial.

Proximity Keys

The pinnacle of the keyless entry system, at least so far, the proximity key goes above and beyond to provide safety and convenience for drivers everywhere. Similar to key fobs, proximity keys will give off a low-level frequency or signal that your vehicle can pick up on. Once you’re close enough for your vehicle to register the signal, the locks will automatically open, allowing you to access your vehicle without having to push a button at all. Your vehicle will automatically lock when your key is too far away to read and most vehicles with this kind of entry system will have a simple button to push or dial to turn in order to start the car.

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